About Flourtown Pennsylvania

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It’s usually the smallest towns that have big surprises. Residential Flourtown, Pennsylvania may only be 1.4 square miles and have around 5,000 people living in it, but it holds a piece of history within it.


Running along the edge of the town is the Bethlehem Pike. In the eighteenth century, the pike had eight inns along it for travel and trade. The Black Horse Inn, located in Flourtown just ten miles from the city, was an essential piece to this strip. It served as a transportation hub for the farmers and lime carriers of the 1700’s to the stagecoach traffic and trolley lines of the 1900’s. It has been used as a rest stop for travelers, trade for farmers, for meetings of the Society for the Apprehension of Horse Thieves, for voting, and for horse-trading throughout the years. The inn appears today just as it did in 1908, and is now on the National Register of Historic Places as of 2005. Because it is on the Bethlehem Pike, which is the busiest part of the town, it can easily be overlooked as just another old building next to the Walgreens, but should be respected as one of Flourtown’s gems.